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  • Migrant Students/Families   

     The Migrant Education Program (MEP) is a federally funded program, authorized under the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).  The MEP is designed to support educational programs for migrant children to help reduce the educational disruption and other prlbems that result from repeated relocation.

     What is a migratory child?

    ~ is younger than 22; and

    ~ has not graduated from high school or does not hold a GED: and

    ~ has moved from one school district to another within the preceeding 36 months in order to    obtain (or   seek) temporary or seasonal employment in qualifying agricultural work.

    Migrant Demographics in Georgia

    • 9,894 Migrant Participants (as of FY10)
    • 48% are in school (Primary 18%, Elementary 12%, Middle 10%, High 8%)
    • 52% are out of school (Pre-k 8%, Out of School Youth 44%)
    • 97% Latinos; 3% other (American Indian, Asian, Black, White and Multi-racial
    • 65% are males; 35% females
    • 45% are U.S. citizens; 55% come from other nations, including Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador.