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Harris County School District

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Superintendent Search News Release


HAMILTON, GA (OCTOBER 25, 2023) – The search for the next superintendent of the Harris County School District is underway.
On Tuesday, October 24, the Harris County Board of Education, in collaboration with King-Cooper and Associates, a Georgia-based firm supporting the search process, outlined a provisional timeline that specifies applications will be accepted until December 8, 2023.

The Board is committed to conducting a comprehensive search that engages the community and employees while safeguarding applicant confidentiality until finalists are identified. King-Cooper and Associates will distribute vacancy announcements, and the search details will be accessible on various websites. A survey is in development to gather input on desired qualities for the next superintendent from District employees and community members.

In the coming weeks, the Board will formulate a leadership profile detailing the requisite skills and competencies. This profile will guide the Board in selecting and interviewing potential candidates for the position.

The search for a new Superintendent became necessary upon Roger D. Couch's announcement of retirement at the end of the current school year.

The anticipated timeline for the search is four to five months, with interviews scheduled to commence in late January.

For information regarding position requirements, the survey, survey results, and more, please visit, accessible through the website's main navigation.

The Harris County School District is in Hamilton, Ga. For additional information, please visit or contact (706) 628-4206.