• After School Enrichment Program (ASEP)

    Students in grades Pre-K through 6th are eligible to participate in the ASEP.  The program offers an inviting learning environment consisting of 3 classrooms, which provide the opportunity to complete homework assingments as well as additional grade level academic enrichment activities.  Students receive a snack and have the opportunity to visit the gym for exercise as well as outside recess time (weather permitting).  The program runs from 2:30PM-6PM each day that students attend school.  The fee is $30 per week per child, $50 per week per two(2) children, and $75 per week per three (3) children.  Fees are due the Monday of the week the child is expected to attend and are non-refundable.  Prepayment by the month is accepted.  The daily drop-in rate is $10 per day and the registration fee is also $10 per student.