• Harris County Board of Education

    Committee and Board Meeting Schedule FY 2020 - 2021

    Please note that during 2020-2021 all Committee Meetings / work sessions also will be designated as special meetings to allow the school board to hold appeal hearings and / or take action on items with short notice.  For anyone wanting to address the school board during meetings, please visit www.harris.k12.ga.us, click “School Board,” “eBoard Site-School Board” and search for Policy BCBI – Pubic Participation in Board Meetings.

    During this emergency public COVID-19 health crisis and the Shelter in Place Executive Order by Governor Kemp, the Harris County Board of Education (BOE) will be changing from its monthly meetings from in person meetings to online meetings for the foreseeable future.  The Board aims to make these meetings as accessible to the public as possible.

    Board members, the superintendent, and the assistant superintendents will participate virtually via Zoom, an online meeting platform. 

    The livestream can be viewed at www.harris.k12.ga.us/boardmeeting.

Monthly Committee
6:30 p.m
Monthly Regular Meetings
6:30 p.m
Special Sessions
School Visits
12:00 p.m.
Special Sessions
July 2020 Thursday, July 2
(Meeting Livestream)
Thursday, July 9
(Meeting Livestream)
Special Sessions
Tuesday, July 7
Budget Meeting
(Meeting Livestream)

Tuesday, July 16
Final budget for review
(Meeting Livestream)

Thursday, July 23
Called Board Meeting
(Meeting Livestream)
August 2020 Thursday, August 6
(Meeting Livestream)
Thursday, August 13
(Meeting Livestream)
Public Meetings
Thursday, August 6 @ 10:00am
Millage Rate
(Meeting Livestream)

Thursday, August 6 @ 6:00pm
Millage Rate
(Meeting Livestream)

Thursday, August 13 @ 6:00pm
Millage Rate
(Meeting Livestream)
September 2020 Thursday, September 3
(Meeting Livestream)
Thursday, September 10
(Meeting Livestream)
(opening Creekside)
Wednesday, September 16
October 2020 Thursday, October 1
(Meeting Livestream)
Thursday, October 8
(Meeting Livestream)
(opening NMHE)
Wednesday, October 14
Tuesday, October 20
Bi-Annual Board Planning
4:00 p.m.
November 2020 Thursday, November 5 Thursday, November 12
(opening HCCMS)
December 2020 Thursday, December 10 Tuesday, December 17
(opening Park)
Wednesday, December 9
January 2021 Thursday January 7 Thursday, January 14
(opening PRE)
Wednesday, January 20
February 2021 Thursday, February 4 Thursday, February 11
(opening MCE)
Wednesday, February 17
Tuesday, February 23
Bi-Annual Board Planning
4:00 p.m.
March 2021 Thursday, March 4
Visit Central Office Staff
5:30-6:15 p.m.
(Conference Room)
Thursday, March 11
(opening Art)
Wednesday, March 17
Thursday, March 25
Visit Maint. & Trans. Staff - 5pm
Bus Drivers - 6pm
April 2021 Thursday, April 8 Thursday, April 15
(opening Art)
Wednesday, April 21
May 2021 Thursday, May 6 Thursday, May 13
(Receive first draft of the
FY22 Budget)
June 2021 Tuesday, June 3
(Receive tentative FY22
Budget for review & public
input and/or discussion)
Tuesday, June 8
(Receive final FY22 Budget for approval)