Drama at Creekside School

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  • Pinocchio Character Breakdown: 

    • Gepetto: old man, father to Pinocchio

    • Pinocchio: young, energetic, a lot of lines

    • Blue Fairy: Very Disney Princess like, parent-figure to Pinocchio

      • Spirits of the Forest: Blue Fairy's friends
    • Cricket: Older, wise, parent-figure to Pinocchio

    • Tempesto: Evil Puppet Master, Very dramatic (Sings a solo)

      • Tempesto's Puppets:
        • Arlechino: excited trickster
        • Pantolone: old person
        • Capitano: Hero type character
        • Isabella: kind and elegant 
        • Zanni: VERY expressive, uses a squeak to speak. 
    • Fox: Sneaky Villain, obsessed with money (Sings a Solo)

      • Vermin: Badger, Weasel, Ferret and others 
    • Cat: Fox’s sidekick, very eager and silly

    • Toni, Chaz & Spaz: Hooligans, very tough

    • Townspeople: 
      • Farmer
      • Constable (Police Officer)
      • Judge
      • Other townspeople as needed


    Possible Audition Lines: 

    The following lines could be used for auditions. Feel free to practice each line and make different, strong choices!


    "Where do you think you're going, pal?"

    "It was just a joke. I meant no harm"

    "Lazy youngsters these days!"

    "We're a team, remember?"

    "You really think I'm talented?"

    "I'm very proud of you"

    "Well, you know what they say."

    "I do believe that we have arrived."

    "What is the meaning of this?"





Drama Masks
  • Welcome to Drama at Creekside School!

    This school year may look different than others before, but it important to give our students the experience of theatre and drama class! This year, we are working towards getting comfortable with the idea of drama and acting, as well as everything that happens behind the scenes. Students will leave drama class understanding life skills through stage skills, how theatre connects to everyday life and with a deeper sense of confidence in themselves and the world around them.

    Check this website often for photos and updates on what we do in Drama Class! 

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