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  • 2018-2019 Creekside Warrior Band



    5/9/19      Practice in Band Room 3:05-4:30 with Pick Up in Front
    5/13/19    Practice in Band Room 3:05-4:30 with Pick Up in Front
    5/14/19    Concert in Gym (wear khaki’s and Red Band Shirt) 6:00 in the GYM 

    *schedule subject to change if needed.

    Red Band Shirt (provided)
    Khaki Pants (shorts or capris are fine for warmer months)
    Any shoes


    Band students earn a grade daily in band class on a point system of 100 points per class. Band students should keep a steady A in band class by simply being prepared for class!

    You have earned 100 points when you…
    1. Have your instrument/supplies
    2. Have your band folder/book

    You have earned 80 points when you…
    1. Have your instrument/supplies but forgot your book

    You have earned 60 points when you…
    1. Forget your instrument (doesn’t matter if you have your music, you can’t participate at all without your instrument!) or
    2. Are in ISS or OSS   

  • More information for Future Beginner Band Students

    Welcome to the online registration for band. Any rising 5th or 6th grader is eligible for band.

    Band is a year long Connections class, with minimal after school practice time. Band students come to band during their Connections time every other day on an A/B day schedule. Once we have assigned instruments, your child will be assigned to A or B day band. This schedule allows for all band members to still go to the other Connections classes, every other day. You do not have to make up work in the Connections classes you miss due to band. it does not impact your grade.

    Selecting an instrument: You will list your top 3 choices on this form - and I will do my best to give you the one your prefer. I will let you know what you've been selected for in April, and we will have an Instrument Fair at Creekside on May 4th, a Saturday - where you will be given a time frame to come try out the instrument you'll play and even start a rental program for your instrument. If you find that the instrument you've been assigned is not a good fit on May 4th, you will have the opportunity to try your second or third choice.

    Band Fee due in August/September: There is an anual band fee payable to "Creekside School" in August. This is a one time fee that covers the cost of your Band Shirt and Band Method Book, along with the music given throughout the year. If there is a financial reason why you may not be able to pay the fee or rent an instrument for your child, please call the school and leave me a message. No child is turned away, we will find an instrument for your child to learn. Again, don't send in the fee until next year! The band fee is $60.00 if you register before August 7th, and $75.00 after August 7th.

    Can I do sports and band? YES! Many 6th graders are involved in activities after school, that's why the majority of what we do is DURING the school day - leaving time for more extracurricular activities. Students do need to practice at home, so if you are involved in other activities be sure you have a little time to dedicate each day to practicing your new instrument - students who practice frequently advance quickly!

    I can't wait to get started with all of you next year, we love our Warrior Band Members!

    Musically yours,

    Mrs. Robin Roberts
    Band Director
    706-987-2698 (over the summer)

2018-2019 Creekside Warrior Band