• 5th Grade Band Information (and new 6th Grade band members are welcome as well!)

    Band is a year long Connections class, with minimal after school practice time. Band students come to band during their Connections time every other day. You will receive a calendar each month to help keep up with this, but it's basically every other day! This schedule allows for all band members to still go to the other Connections classes, every other day. You do not have to make up work in the Connections classes you miss due to band and it does not impact your grade.


    Can I do sports and band? YES! Many 6th graders are involved in activities after school, that's why the majority of what we do is DURING the school day - leaving time for more extracurricular activities. Students do need to practice at home, so if you are involved in other activities be sure you have a little time to dedicate each day to practicing your new instrument - students who practice frequently advance quickly!


    How do I sign up for band? Band registration is now open-please use the link below to register (link will be added ASAP).  The deadline to register is Friday August 20th. I will be talking with each homeroom about band and playing some of the instruments we have available to learn. 


    I can't wait to get started with all of you, we love our Warrior Band Members!

    Mrs. Robin Roberts
    Band Director


  • Grading in Band

    Students earn points for their grade by particpating in class and completing homework assignments.


    30% of your grade is Homework - exercises submitted through SmartMusic - assigned weekly.

    70% of your grade is Class Participation

  • Supplies

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

  • Other Online Resources and What to practice at home:

    There are many ways to stay plugged in online - check out these resources- some we have used in class and others you can explore! If you find something fun you want everyone to know about, just email me and I'll add it here!


    Cinematic Warm Ups : click on the tab "Cinematic Series" - you should have these in your binder and if you don't, you can download or just play from the free PDFS he provides.

    Kennedy Center for the Arts - lots of great resources here - no instrument required 

    Percussion Students   - practice tracks, rudiments, and even drum set practice tools

    Yo Yo Ma - This is a You-Tube link of the first "offering" that Yo Yo Ma presented to the world during this pandemic. He is posting new inspirational offerings daily - ask your parents if you can follow him thorugh FaceBook or search on YouTube for the latest musical gift from him. Take a moment and relax and just breathe and enjoy a beautiful musical gift to us all.

    Metronome: If you type in "metronome" on google - a free basic online metronome pops up - just set your tempo and hit the play button! If you want something more technical and that includes a tuner - use a Smartphone and get the app TE Tuner - it costs $3.99 - and you will recognize that as the one with the "smiley face" that we use for tuning in the baqnd room.


    No Technology Needed Ideas:

    Here are some ideas on what to do that don't involve a computer or device - I encourage you to email me things you've been doing! These ideas are from the link listed above for NAfME, our professional music educators association. 

    Here are some more ideas you can use with a range of grade levels:

    • Interviews: Have students interview family members about their musical backgrounds and interests. What is their favorite song right now and why? What instruments do they play? What does music mean to them? Who are their favorite artists? Students can record the responses they get and also answer the questions themselves.
    • Instrument invention: Have students invent a new instrument. They could draw a picture of it and describe how it is played, how it’s constructed, and what it sounds like, or they could make one out of recycled materials.
    • Hand-washing dance choreography: Have students choreograph a short dance routine incorporating the different ways we’re recommended to wash our hands (scrubbing nails, between fingers, etc). 
    • Listening log: Have students write down music that they hear each day. Depending on the age, they can also record information about the songs, like the title/artist, genre, mood, time signature, tempo, instrumentation, etc., or they could draw a picture in response to the music.
    • Singing log: Have students write down songs that they sing each day. They can sing along with a recording, sing by themselves, or sing with their family.
    • Soundtrack of my life: Have students create an imaginary album that shows who they are. They can make a list of song titles, and for each song describe the music—this could be done either by asking students to come up with their own imaginary songs or by having students find existing songs that would describe aspects of their personality/life. Students could also design an album cover to go with it, write liner notes, etc.
    • Instrumental / choral practice: Of course, if students have sheet music for choir songs, instrumental method books, recorder music, etc., then they can practice their music! Include tips for independent practicing, fingering charts, etc., to help students maintain productive practice.


    Practicing from your binder:

    **All students: some of you received a practice CD with your band book - if you didn't get a CD - then you have an access code in the back of your book that will give you the play-along tracks for free online! Follow the instructions in the back of your book.

    5th Grade:

    1. Warmup on Beginners Warm Up
    2. Cinematic Series Long Tones - if you can get online - use the link above to go to John McAllister's website for the background track - its the "Long Tones in Bb"
    3. Attack of the Slide Trombones
    4. Popcorn Prelude
    5. When the Saints Go Marching In
    6. Rock and Roll, the Hey Song
    7. Band Karate or Solo/Ensemble Music

    6th Grade:

    1. Scale Warmups = we have played Bb, Ab, Eb, and more - use the scale sheets in your binder (it shows you the fingering) to explore more scales from home! Tip: use the free online metronome to keep a steady tempo!
    2. Cinematic Series - use the online resource for John McAllister - The Hero Rises 
    3. Northridge Overture
    4. Star Wars
    5. Blues Showcase (p.13 in band book) use your CD to play along with - or use the access code in the back of your book to gain access to the recordings for your book!