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    Football Cheer Parent Meeting


    Contact Information:  Rebecca Van Pelt email, phone (706) 628-4951 ext 1716



    • Rules & Expectations
      • Practice
        • If at school, expected to be at practice.  Prior notice should be given to the coach if practice will be missed.
        • Proper attire must be worn.  T-shirt, shorts, tennis shoes, sports bra, hair pulled back
        • Cell phones are to be put away at all times during practice.
        • Please be on time for pick up at 5 pm.  
      • Games
        • Cheerleaders must have team shirt, black shorts, black sports bra, black or white no show socks, black tennis shoes, and bow in order to be on the field.
        • Cheerleaders may not leave games early without prior notice.
        • Parents must sign out cheerleaders with the coach BEFORE leaving home and away games.
        • Cheerleaders must ride the team bus to all away games.  They may be signed out and ride home with parents after away games.  A bus is provided to bring them back to HCCMS after away games. 
        • Please do not talk with cheerleaders across the fence during games.  If you need to tell your daughter something, let one of the coaches know and we will call them to the side.  
        • Cheerleaders are not allowed to leave the field once we are there.  Pre-game meals will be provided, so the girls are not allowed to visit concessions or eat dinner during half time due to the short amount of time (8 min).
        • Per Muscogee County, cheerleaders are not allowed to participate in any post game activities with the football players.  This includes the post-game handshake.  
        • No Phones!  Phones should be put away and out of site while on the field.  
        • Due to the shortened season and Muscogee county rules, we will not wear cheer uniforms this year.
      • It is about more than just cheering.  We want to develop well rounded young ladies.  
      • RESPECT! Cheerleaders are expected to respect everyone at all times.  We will demonstrate good sportsmanship at all events.



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