• HCHS Prom 2018


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    2019 PROM

    National Infantry Museum

    1775 Legacy Way, Columbus, GA 31903 

     April 20, 2019

     7:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.



    Tickets prices remain the same all year and can be purchased at anytime from Mrs. Hale (J office) or Mrs. Deb Hughes (M1) in between classes or after school.  Tickets will be sold in the cafeteria in the spring.

    The price for all tickets is $30.00. LAST DAY to purchase tickets will be TUES., APRIL 10.  

    To stay up to date, join Remind 101 by texting @promin to 229-798-4889.   

    Prom Information 2018

    K.I.S.S. – Keep it Safe and Sober!  Life is full of triumphs and tragedies.  Don’t make prom night tragic; make it wonderful!  We want everyone with us safely on Monday to hear all about the fun you had.  In addition, Sheriff Jolley warns that prom night is a night of zero tolerance.  If you are caught with alcohol, or if you are caught drunk at the prom or after, YOU WILL GO TO JAIL.  There are NO exceptions. 

    Dancing – This is a classy, formal event.  Have fun, but understand that dancing with explicit sexual insinuations in unacceptable.  If you are asked to stop, please do.  You will only be asked once.  After that, a deputy will escort you out of the prom and you will not be allowed to return.  

    Personal Belongings – Neither the school nor St. Luke Ministry Center is responsible for your personal belongings.  There is no coat/purse check, so be sure to keep your keys/phone/etc. with you. Be sure to bring what you need from your car as you may not return to it during the prom unless you are leaving.  Only bring the bare minimum – purses are discouraged! 

    Senior Walk –  Seniors will need to fill out a senior walk form online at https://goo.gl/forms/CT4XQHQyuMwRKB573 by Wed., April 11. Seniors  may begin to check in with their Prom ticket in hand at 5:45. Pick up your announcement slip when you check in at table. Once students have announcement slips ready, they will be directed to the Senior Walk queue which is located in buffet room behind the stage.  Students should look for signs and faculty who will be directing them to where they need to go.  Senior Walk starts promptly at 6:00 p.m.    Seniors will proceed  across the stage and down the center stairs into the ballroom.  Parents and family who wish to attend should proceed directly to the ballroom.  Senior Walk moves quickly so there is not much time to take pictures during the procession. Please plan for pictures prior to the prom.  All family members MUST EXIT THE BUILDING at the end of Senior Walk.  FOR YOUR SAFETY, ONLY REGISTERED GUESTS ARE ALLOWED IN THE BALLROOM/MAIN LOBBY  DURING THE PROM ITSELF

    Prom Court/King/Queen – The prom court will be determined through an online election.   Students may vote at  https://goo.gl/forms/23FQPjDuccpB2wY33 until Wed., April 11. The king and queen will be crowned at approximately 10:30.

    Pictures – Bowen Photography Incorporated will be be taking formal pictures at this years prom.  You will find a copy of the picture form attached. Just a friendly reminder that there is a digital copy kept of each picture, so make sure your pictures are appropriate!  Finally, Callaway is allowing students who are dressed in prom attire and two adults to enter the Gardens at no cost starting at 3:00 to take pictures. This is a great opportunity for some beautiful shots! Please keep in mind these pictures are not taken by our photographer.

    Prom Picture Form


    Invitations – The prom invitations are meant as keepsakes, not tickets.  Only juniors and seniors receive these.  You MUST check in at the registration with prom ticket in hand upon arriving for verification of payment and entry into the prom.

    Parking – There are parking lots connected to both St. Luke’s church and the Ministry Center.  Overflow parking is on-street parking.