• Assignments

    Assignments are available in Google Classroom, part of GSuite for Education.

    GSuite for Education at Harris County Carver Middle School

    All Harris County Students have an educational Google account using this user account name: "".  (Although this looks like an email address, there is NO ACCESS to the email portion of the account.  Please do not use this account info to sign up for something that will require you to respond to a verification email.

    This privilege gives students access to their own Google Drive account for file storage and document creation, access to Google Classroom, and access to many other apps.  In order to access this school account, students must log in with their Harris County Schools credentials.  This link will take you to a document with instructions to access your account from a computer not at our school.  YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ACCESS YOUR HARRIS COUNTY SCHOOL ACCOUNT OR YOUR SCHOOL GOOGLE DRIVE USING A GMAIL ACCOUNT OR ANY OTHER EMAIL ADDRESS.

    Google Classroom

    We are a GREEN classroom.  Most of our engineering projects will be made with scrap materials.  Most paper assignments will be done digitally.  Students will use Google Classroom to access, complete, and turn in most assignments.  If a parent would like access to their student's Google Classroom account, please email Mrs. Hall to request.  Grades are not generally kept in Google Classroom but are displayed for informational purposes only.  Grades are entered in the Campus Gradebook.

    Safety in the Classroom

    There are hazards in the Tech Lab and Safety is our NUMBER 1 Priority!  It is important that students and parents review the Safety Contract at the beginning of the term so everyone understands the expectations and standards in the Tech Lab and Classroom.  There will be absolutely no compromise when it comes to being safe in this class.  All students within a class must return a completed and signed Safety Contract before they are allowed to participate in engineering projects in the Tech Lab.  Students who do not follow the Safety rules will face consequences.  These consequences include removal from the Tech Lab area and completing alternative assignments, Parent contact, and Disciplinary Referral.

Last Modified on July 31, 2018