• 4-H builds leadership skills through competitive opportunities and community service. Competitions are public speaking, performing arts as judging teams. During club meetings some activities are “4-H Health Rocks”. This program focuses on “less stress” to prepare you to do well in school and fun activities. Participate in community service during the meeting each month. After school fun stuff available too.

AR Readers

  • Never have time to finish your favorite book? Too busy in homeroom to take AR tests? Then this is the club for you! Bring your book and read or take AR tests.

Band Club

  • Band Club is for Band Members who want an opportunity to play more than just in class. Students may practice music from class, audition music, or bring in solos or ensemble music to practice. It is also an excellent time to receive more individual instruction playing your instrument. Hope to see you in Band Club!

Art Club

  • Art Club is for students who have a passion for creating art. Students will work both independently and together on various projects throughout the year. New art skills will be learned and new friends will be made!

Board Game Club

  • YOU WON'T GET BORED IN THE BOARD GAME CLUB!! Come out and have some fun playing classic board games: Chess, Checkers, Sorry, Parcheesi, Backgammon, Scrabble, Battleship and lots more... Good Sportsmanship Required!

Chorus Club

  • This will be a fun sing-a-long type club. If you bring in your music ahead of time, I will preview the words to be sure they are acceptable and we will sing solos, groups, perform for each other. Some students may choose to work alone and improve sight reading skills.

Card Playing Club

  • All ability levels are welcome. If you have never played cards but are interested, we will teach you. If you are an expert and love fast paced social card games, then this is the club for you, also. Social games such as War, Spoons, and Egyptian are learned and played using a standard deck of cards.

Card Playing Club-Advanced

  • Aimed at players with experience and knowledge of card games. You will be introduced to more challenging, slower paced games that require strategy to win. Knowledge of card suits and shuffling skills are required. Games such as spades, hearts, and canasta will broaden your experience.

Competition Math Team

  • The Math Team is a group of students, who love math and excel at it. Most of our team is from advanced and accelerated classes. We will compete in the local area 3-4 times this year. If you like mathematics and want to learn more, come join us for the math team.

Coupon Craze

  • Times are tough and budgets are tight! Help your parents save on the weekly grocery bill! Learn how to get $50 worth of groceries for $25. Learn all the tricks to couponing and share them with your parents, grandparents, and friends. They will be amazed and so will you. Hey, maybe mom will give you a little bit of that saved money for that new pair of shoes, shirt, or game!

Guitar Club

  • HCCMS Guitar Club ROCKS!

    What is HCCMS Guitar Club? HCCMS Guitar Club is for anyone interested in sharing the passion of playing his/her own guitar with other people. We have a limited number of student guitars available for use, but we do not have enough to provide instruments for 15-20 students every week. The Guitar Club members that enjoy Club Day the most are the students that already love to play guitar, regularly maintain their guitars, respect other club members' instruments, and are willing to share songs and playing tips with their peers.

    What would I need? Students that enjoy Guitar Club the most have access to guitars they can bring on club days. Their guitars should be in good working condition with fresh strings that can be brought up to tune. Old, rusty, corroded, or broken strings should be replaced, and Electric guitars with faulty outputs should be repaired before bringing them to Guitar Club. Electronic tuners are affordable and recommended because guitars that are tuned correctly not only sound better, but also they help develop the player's tuning ear. Guitar Club does not have the tools or the materials to change strings or work on instruments.

    Will this be just like private guitar lessons? Unfortunately, Guitar Club is not the same as guitar lessons. Guitar Lessons are recommended for anyone that ever wants to play anything more than a few open chords, but there is just not enough time to teach guitar lessons to 15 - 18 children in a large group setting once a month. Guitar Lessons should be delivered weekly in a one-on-one or small group situation by a professional guitar instructor.

Crochet Club

  • Knit and crochet club members will learn basic stitches and methods for making small items from different types of yarn. One focus is making beanie caps for babies and cancer patients. Your crafty ideas for other projects are welcome.

Drama Club

  • Want to be part of what’s going on in drama at HCCMS? Join the drama club and learn new skills, play theatre games, learn about auditions, and feel like part of an ensemble. Join today!

Fit Club

  • Come see what all the hype is about! Fit Club trains and competes in many local fitness events throughout the school year, including The North Face Endurance Challenge Trail Run. ALL FITNESS LEVELS WELCOME!!! We are Fit & We have Fun! A completed Medical Release form is required for after school practices.

Future Business Leaders of America

  • Future Business Leaders of America, We Lead, Compete, and Have Fun! FBLA club members participate in a variety of leadership activities that help build their skills, while contributing to the improvement of their chapter, their school and their community. Dues of $35 cover a club t-shirt and FBLA membership.

Home Front

  • Home Front is a club for students who are children of active duty or retired military parents. Home Front encourages students to have fun talking about being a military child and the adventures they encounter. In Home Front, we engage in group activities that promote friendship and team work as well as activities of self discovery where students can share what is unique about themselves.

Student Council

  • Members are a voice of the student body, representing the grade level they are in, to the school administrators and take on leadership roles. They also participate in activities, outreach, and service-involvement projects that help our community. You must be willing to work with others diligently to represent our school, and help to make our school a growing and involved institution.

Garden Club

  • Students in this group are interested in learning how to beautify areas of HCCMS. They are involved in planting and other landscaping projects. Sponsor-

Hoops and Loops

  • Our club is for the fashion-minded students. It will allow students to create no-sew fashion items they can wear to accessorize their outfit.

Karaoke Kuties

  • Karaoke Kuties is a club in which you will sing your favorite Top 40 songs(school appropriate). Country, classic, or rock—all are welcome to come sing along!

Intramural Sports

  • Intramurals involve participation in team sports in a less competitive manner. The students have the choice of several activity options each club day.

Relay for Life Kids

  • Most of us have been touched by cancer in some way – a loss of a grandparent, aunt, uncle, or close friend, or maybe you have a survivor in your family. Relay for Life Club will raise awareness of cancer and what communities can do to help fight against this horrible disease. Members of this club will also support the school’s fundraising efforts for the American Cancer Society through Harris County Relay for Life. If you are interested in helping your community and serving others, this is the club for you!


  • Students Whose Actions are Terrific. S.W.A.T. club is designed to prepare students for the challenging issues they will face during the next several years of their life by establishing a base of positive influence through various activities, exercises, and demonstrations that are designed to reinforce good decision making. Come join us as we show you just how cool it is to make positive choices…you’re either S.W.A.T. or you’re not!

Technology Student Association

  • Technology Student Association, The TSA motto: Learning to live in a Technical World! TSA is an Engineering and Technology focused national organization. If you love to lead, compete, and have fun, we want you to join TSA! Engineers love to create and design solutions to problems. On club day we participate in fun design challenges and learn to be better leaders in our technological world.

Sports Medicine

  • During sports medicine club we will be talking about different athletic injuries, treatments and prevention. Perfect club for anyone interested in working as an allied medical professional; Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist, Doctor. We DO NOT play sports!

Students Standing Strong

  • Fun activities, skits, music, friends, games, and student-led meetings studying biblical characteristics. Everyone is welcome to come!

Puzzle Club

  • Are you puzzled about how we can have so much fun in a short time??? Well, Find the Missing Piece! Come join the puzzle club and find out.

Sports Forum

  • This is a club for students who love sports… particularly football, basketball and baseball. If you want to be involved in sports discussions and contests, and if you enjoy viewing sports highlights, than this is the club for you!

Spirit Club

  • Do you like recognizing students who represent our school in extracurricular activities? Students in the Spirit Club will put signs on lockers and keep our school bulletin boards up to date and hallway signs looking good. If you’ve got school spirit, join the Spirit Club!


  • Velocity is open to Velocity members that have attended the V-Day training. The club is all about character building, friendship, and family.

Walk n' Talk

  • Come enjoy a morning walk-n-talk with your friends. All you have to do is remember to wear your walking shoes. No better way to start the day! We will meet once a month and set walking goals among ourselves.