Welcome to HCCMS Administration

    Ms. Melissa Hayes, Principal


Pick Up Procedures

  •  The Basic  Rules for
    Parent Pick-up:
    1. Buses must enter the school entrance and line up before any cars are admitted.
    2. Parent Pick-up vehicles are not to arrive on campus until 2:40.
    3. Cars will be allowed through the entrance once the buses leave.
    4. Cars should line up on the bus ramp in 2 lines.
    5. Cars on the bus ramp will be loaded first then will be released as a group after they are all loaded.
    6. Signal the administration by an upraised hand if your child has not been loaded.
    7. You may be asked to circle back around the building if your  rider is not able to load in a timely manner so that  loading may continue smoothly.
    8. Drivers in the single line will move up to form a new group of double lined cars when signaled to do so.
    9. Please do not attempt to exit on the far right side of the bus ramp.
    10. Please keep your speed SLOW and watch for pedestrians.
    11. Before school, make sure that your child will know who will pick them up and what car to expect.
    12. Please observe these procedures and join with us in keeping our students and staff safe.
     Click here to read the official letter of procedures.