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    Welcome to Mrs. Elliott's and Mrs. Murphy's First Grade Cougars
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    We are pleased to take this opportunity to meet you and your child. As you know, a good learning experience is built on the cooperative effort between parent, child and teacher. With your participation in and out of the classroom, we can work together to maintain good study habits that will promote high academic standards for our children. This new piece of technology is just one way the line of communication can stay open.

    First grade is a major stepping stone and such a crucial year in your child's education. He/she will learn many skills that will provide a foundation for the coming school years. I,like you, believe in your child and want him/her to be the BEST! We are very excited about this school year. We know we will work together to make it one of growth, discovery and significance for your child.


      Mrs. Elliott and Mrs. Murphy

  • Please check your child's notebook on a daily basis for the most up-to-date information. Thank you!
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