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Technology Approval

Harris County School District Hardware/Software Approval

The Technology and Instructional Technology departments are working together to implement a process to vet new technology requests. There are online forms for hardware, software, and web services requests. The requests will be reviewed by a panel that will include representation from the Technology and Instructional Technology departments, and teachers from elementary, intermediate, middle, and high school levels. Any new technology brought into the district should go through this process, including technology purchased with school funds or through outside grants like Donors Choose.

Our goal is not to create red tape or stifle innovation—we want to support classroom technology in any way we can. Rather, our goal is to ensure that our student and personnel data is safe, that our data procedures comply with laws and regulations, and that new devices are compatible with our network and can be supported.

Data Privacy Resources

Common Sense Media - Privacy and Internet Safety

Student Privacy Pledge

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Children's Online Privacy and Protection Rule (COPPA)

New Technology Request Forms

Hardware Form

Software Form

Web Services Form

After our initial meeting, we will publish a list of all approved Technology.