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Tech Tips Tuesday Archive

March 5, 2024: QR Code Safety

QR codes, like the one below, are a convenient way to share or access information and links. As great as QR codes are, fraudsters can use them, too, to get your private information or install malware on your device. Here are a few safety tips when using QR codes:

  • Use a trusted QR scanner app—preferably your phone’s built-in app.
  • Never scan a QR code unless you are sure where it came from and who created it.
  • Watch for tampering—did someone place a QR code sticker over a legitimate QR code?
  • Watch out for phishing!
  • If anything feels off, don’t scan the QR code. Just type the website address yourself.

Scanning a QR code is just like clicking a link—think before you click (or scan)!

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