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E-rate FY24 Network Equipment and WLAN

E-rate FY24 HCSD Network Equipment and WLAN

Harris County School District is requesting proposals from qualified vendors to upgrade its network core switches at 13 sites, and its wireless LAN at 10 sites. The District is looking for interested vendors who can provide solutions that will address its current and future needs. The District is open to all proposals from vendors that meet the District's needs and qualifications based on the information outlined in this Request for Proposal (RFP).

ANNOUNCEMENT: The mandatory site walkthrough originally was scheduled for Monday, February 19, 2024. Because President's Day is observed that day, we have rescheduled the walkthrough for Thursday, February 22, 2024, at 9:00 Eastern.

HCSD Network Equipment and WLAN RFP


February 9, 2024: RFP issued

February 22, 2024: Mandatory site survey (9:00 Eastern) Directions to the Harris County School District Technology Office and Datacenter

March 1, 2024: Deadline for questions regarding bid specifications (4:00 Eastern)

March 12, 2023: Proposal deadline (4:00 Eastern)

Questions & Answers:

1. Can you please provide the uplink type (fiber or copper) from each closet?

2. Can you please provide the Fiber Termination type (SC, ST, LC) from each closet?

3. Can you please provide the WAN uplink type (fiber SX, LX, or copper) from each MDF?

4. Can you please provide the Power (15A, 20A, 110V, 220V) available in each closet?

5. Can you please provide the UPS manufacturer make/model in each closet?

The information requested in questions 1-5 will be answered in this spreadsheet: Additional MDF/IDF Information. (The spreadsheet is in progress, so please keep checking.)

6. Do you prefer manufacturer optics, or will you consider Third-party optics?

We will consider third-party optics that meet OEM specs.

7. What is the desired UPS runtime?

We would like a minimum of 15-20 minutes of runtime.

8. Network management card needed (for remote management of UPS)?

We do not require UPS remote management.

9. Any brand/MFG preference or requirement?

Our preferred UPS brand is APC or Tripp Lite, but we will consider other brands.

10. Can the District provide more clarity regarding the UPS situation? The RFP does not state that these will be needed; however, the location breakdown indicates that several replacements may be required. Please confirm that UPS systems are needed, and, if so, how many will be required?

Our Form 470 specifies a quantity of 76 UPS units, so you can use that number for your response.

Directions to the Harris County School District Technology Office and Professional Learning Lab


The Harris County School District Technology Office and Professional Learning Lab is at 757 Carver Circle, which is off Highway 27. Finding the Technology Office and Professional Learning Lab is not intuitive.

1. Instead of parking in front, drive around to the back of the building.

2. You will see a propane tank enclosed by a fence; park in that area.

3. Go through the door shown below:

4. There is a “Technology” sign above the office door. The Professional Learning Lab is two doors past the Technology Office.