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Chromebook 1 1 Initiative FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if the information is not in my Infinite Campus Parent Portal account?

Contact your child’s school for assistance with your Infinite Campus Parent Portal account.

Does my student have to be assigned a Chromebook?

Yes, each student will be assigned a Chromebook to use at school just like a textbook. A Chromebook will not be issued to a student until the parent reads and agrees to the Chromebook handbook and completes the online form.

If my child is assigned a Chromebook, can it stay at school?

Parents may request that the device be left at school. However, we recommend students take them home for ease of workflow on the same device. A parent will still be required to complete the online form and students will still be responsible for loss, theft, and damage.

If my child chooses to use our personal technology, do they need to bring that personal technology to school every day?

Due to cybersecurity concerns, personal technology devices are not yet allowed at school.

How much is the fee to use a Chromebook and what is it for?

There is a $20 insurance fee that covers loss, theft, and damage to the device. It is strongly recommended that students have this coverage. This fee is strongly recommended whether the child uses the Chromebook at school or at home as the child will be responsible for proper care and use at both school and at home.

Do I have to put a cover on the Chromebook?

A cover is not required. A cover does not come with the device. A cover can help protect the device. Soon we will have the option to purchase one through the school.

What size cover does the device need?

There are a variety of sizes being distributed. Prior to purchasing a cover on your own, please wait until a device has been assigned and you know the model/size.

Can my student use technology at home?

Yes, if you have the proper internet access and router.

Is the school paying for internet service?
No. We have installed Wifi at the front of all of the schools.