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Reporting: Milestones Brochure

The Harris County School District is pleased to announce that its Curriculum and Instruction Department will be hosting the second installment of County Curriculum Conversations, focusing on the topic of Georgia Milestone score reports. This virtual meeting will take place on June 7th at 6 p.m. via Zoom and aims to provide parents and guardians with valuable insights on interpreting their child's score report.

The County Curriculum Conversations initiative is part of the district's commitment to fostering a collaborative environment between parents, educators, and community members. Through these conversations, the school district seeks to empower parents by equipping them with the necessary tools and information to better understand and support their child's academic progress.

During the upcoming meeting, participants will have the opportunity to engage with experts from the Curriculum and Instruction Department, who will provide an in-depth analysis of Georgia Milestone score reports. Parents and guardians will learn how to interpret the scores, gain insights into their child's academic strengths and areas for improvement, and understand the significance of these reports in guiding their child's educational journey.

To register for the event, interested participants can visit the Harris County School District website at and complete the registration form. Upon registration, participants will receive an email with the Zoom meeting details and any necessary instructions to ensure a smooth virtual experience.

"We are excited to continue our County Curriculum Conversations with a focus on Georgia Milestone score reports," said Dr. Dave Dennie. "We believe that by working together and providing parents with the knowledge they need, we can make a significant positive impact on our students' education. We encourage all parents and guardians to join us for this informative session."

For more information about the County Curriculum Conversations or any other inquiries related to curriculum and instruction in the Harris County School District, please contact Dr. Dave Dennie (K-5) at or Dr. Donna Patterson (6-12) at