Offering an excellent comprehensive school counseling program that addresses the academic, career, and social/emotional needs of every child. 



    Pine Ridge Elementary school students are productive world citizens who are lifelong learners.  Our students are able to enhance their community and world by providing a contagious spirit of optimism anchored by volunteerism and devotion to humanity. All students champion equity and social justice, rooted in their college and career exploration; academic rigor and; social and emotional experiences at Pine Ridge Elementary School.



    Every student should receive an education that is rooted in equity and social justice for all.

    Every student should receive the highest quality of education from trained and certified professionals.

    Every student should receive training in career, college, and life readiness skills

    A data driven comprehensive school counseling program should be available to all students. 

    A school counseling program should address the academic, career, and social/emotional needs of students.  

    School Counselors are key leaders in the school, district, and community.

    School counselors should subscribe to the highest ethical standards designed for their profession.

    Every student should learn and succeed to their greatest capacity through the offering of the highest quality of education.

    Success of the school counseling program occurs when students, families, teachers, administrators, and members of the community are involved in the delivery of the school counseling program.