Faculty/Staff Help Desks

  • As technology becomes better and cheaper, we are seeing more and more personal devices in our schools. We want to help teachers in any way we can, but it is becoming increasingly difficult for our Technology Specialists to assist with personal devices on top of their already heavy workload. There are potential liability issues to consider when handling personal devices, as well.

    We also ask that all schools and departments please consult with the Technology Department before purchasing any technology hardware/software to ensure compatibility with our infrastructure and that we can support it.

    Please note:

    • We do not support personal devices.
    • We do not support wireless printing.
    • Any technology under consideration by a school or department should be vetted by IT staff before purchase. Technology purchased without consultation with the Technology Department will be treated like a personal device.



    Note: You must log into your Harris County Schools Google account to submit a help desk request.

    Creekside Elementary School

    Harris County Carver Middle School

    Harris County High School: Email your school help desk.

    Mulberry Creek Elementary School: Email your school help desk.

    New Mountain Hill Elementary School: Email your school help desk.

    Park Elementary School

    Pine Ridge Elementary School

    PLC/EOC:  Email your school helpdesk.