Our Mission

  • The mission of the Harris County School District, the foundational rock upon which futures are built, is to ensure each student succeeds in life, through a system distinguished by

    • students that advance at their own pace through nontraditional pathways.
    • student-driven, project-based learning.
    • teachers empowered to be creative facilitators.
    • the use of state-of-the-art technology to become global learners.
    • authentic assessment aligned with real world experiences.
    • the use of our community as a support system.



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School Safety Hotline

  • 1-877-SAY-STOP

About Park

  • Principal: Mrs. Janice Owens | Assistant Principal: Mrs. Julie McCoy

    Park provides a quality education as the foundation for all students to have lifelong success by...

    Providing a nurturing environment
    Achieving academic excellence
    Respecting the diversity of others
    Knowing and achieving expectations

    "building a Brighter future" 


  • Disclaimer: The purpose of our website is to provide an education resource for our staff, students, and parents, and to provide an additional means of communication between our school and community. Many of our pages contain links to sites not managed by the Harris County School System. We frequently check our links to make sure the links work properly and are appropriate. However, they may change at any time. The Harris County School District is not liable or responsible for the content on other sites.

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