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    Homeless Unaccompanied Youth

    An Unaccompanied youth is defined as a student not in the physical custody of a parent or legal guardian. Unaccompanied youth experience barriers to enrolling and succeeding in school. This definitions includes youths living in runaway shelters, abandoned buildings, on the streets, or in other inadequate housing, denied housing by their families (put of the home), school age unwed mothers, who are living in shelters for unwed mothers, who have no other housing available.


    These barriers may include school attendance policies, credit accrual, and legal guardianship requirements. Unaccompanied youths have educational rights.

    Services provided to homeless and migrant children and youths:

    Immediate enrollment in school

    Transportation to and from the School of Origin: a "best interest" determination will be made. School of Origin is the school the student attended when permanently housed or the school the child or youth was last enrolled.

    Free/and or reduced school meals. School Nutrition applications will be expedited.

     May receive Special Education services, if qualified.

     Right to appeal any decisions.

    •  Appeal Form located in Forms Section

     A Student Residency Form must be completed and forwarded to the Homeless Liaison for determination of homeless status.