Registration Procedures

  • Harris County Pre-Kindergarten Registration Procedures

    The Harris County Board of Education operates a PreKindergarten Program under the guidelines provided by Bright From the Start.  Children who participate in this program must be a Georgia resident and must be four years of age by September 1 of the year of enrollment. 

    Enrollment for the Harris County PreKindergarten Program will be open and nondiscriminatory.  Children will not be denied participation on the basis of race, color, national origin, or sex.  The school system will announce the beginning of the registration period in the spring of each year.  Beginning on the announced registration date, students will be accepted into the program on a first-registered, first-served basis in the attendance zone they reside until each attendance zone has reached the maximum number for enrollment.  Students must register in the attendance zone of the school in which they live at the time of registration.  Proof of residency for that attendance zone must be provided at the time of registration.

    Children who are registered after all available vacancies are filled will be placed on an official Bright From the Start waiting list at that school.  At any time a vacancy occurs, children on the waiting list will be offered an opportunity to attend in the order on which they appear on their attendance zone's waiting list. 

    If there are no students on a waiting list to fill the vacancy in a specific attendance zone after the first full week of school, this vacancy may be offered to students from another attendance zone's waiting list based on proximity to that school. In this case, the parent or guardian must provide transportation for the child.  Any out-of-attendance zone pre-kindergarten students will return to their home school at the end of the school year for kindergarten registration.